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Simple, natural ingredients for a more gentle approach to taking care of your body. 


Made by Marnie, with love, in South Dakota. Marnie personally handles each & every order.

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I won't be without the [face] serum! Smells sooo good, but, more importantly, it's saving my skin. My eye surgeon stared at my chart and my face thinking I was the wrong person....he said I did not have 70 year old skin.


Heal. Up. works wonders! My daughters fear getting anything after a cut or scrape, but love this and don't fight me to have it applied because they know it heals their owies.


My son was a horrible teether. I decided to buy [Naturally. Numb.] to help sooth his gums, and I'm so happy I did! This product helped us tremendously with his discomfort. Thank you for making a product I know is safe for my baby!!


[The Magnesium Lotion] is so wonderful! It helps me ease sore muscles and have more restful sleep. I have two teenage athletes who love it for their sore, tight muscles, too. Smells so good and absorbs nicely. Will keep this on hand going forward!


My mom was in a horrific accident and suffered several broken ribs and vertebrae. She had multiple surgeries and was in a lot of pain. We used the Relief balm and it truly lived up to its name. The relief she felt was instantaneous. This is my favorite pain reliever!


I love all of the oil products. They work to bring you relaxation, happiness, energy. I try to use them whenever I can.


I found that [Sweet Serenity] is a great product to help reduce stress and begin easing my migraines. Rolling it on my temples, from the base of my skull down my neck, and the insides of my wrist is all it takes to help reduce the tension and stress.


[Summer. Crush.] is my favorite lip balm. The scent is light and summery. The color tint is perfect for my fair complexion.


I use [Let. Go.] for my kids (ages 5 & 4), and we all love the fragrance. I, especially, love the calming effect it gives them when an extra good night's sleep is needed.

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Care for yourself and your baby with simple, natural ingredients that you can feel good about.


Simple, yet effective ingredients for all natural relief. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.

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