Loosen. Up. For Little Ones

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A milder blend of Loosen Up, made for children under 2. Feel good about massaging baby with this balm on their back, chest, and feet. Made with oils of ginger, tea tree, and siberian fir. (used at a 1% dilution rate)
Rub some on tummy for gas and colic.
2 oz

Beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, vitamin e

Essential oils of: tea tree, fir, and ginger.

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Customer Reviews

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Danielle Ramirez
Fantastic Product

My sister bought this stuff for me when I had my daughter! I use it on all 3 of my kids now and absolutely love it! It works great!! Thank you Tina for getting it for us and thank you Marnie for suck an amazing product!!

Love this!

My little one was struggling with some congestion and I got this for him. I use it before he goes to sleep and the congestion goes away, he is breathing so much better throughout the night. I bring it to daycare as well, love this! (Plus it smells great!)

Catina Kost

We absolutely love Loosen up for everyone in the family. The only thing that could make it better would be if it came in the roll up tube like heal up! Keep making this amazing product as it is a huge help with young children who are having congestion problems...